For just £249+vat, you can carry out your fire risk assessment on-line. Covering all the key elements, this package is designed with smaller single and multi-site workplaces* in mind - businesses with a low-to-medium fire risk.

Through a series of simple questions, RiskManager guides you through the fire risk assessment process at your own pace. Documenting your findings, it will assist you in identifying potential fire hazards and produce a prioritised action plan to help you minimise your risks.

Once you have completed the questions, RiskManager produces a detailed fire risk assessment that is automatically saved on-line so it can be both updated as things change in the workplace and printed off at the time of a Fire Brigade inspection.

The licence is valid for a period of 12 months.

If you are renewing your on-line ChubbRiskManager fire risk assessment licence. You will be able to continue to use the ChubbRiskManager tool for a further 12 months and be able to see your previous answers. Chubb recommends you re-fresh all your answers to reflect any changes you have had to your workplace.
Remember, a fire risk assessment should always be kept "live" and up to date to reflect your site risks at the current time.

For a brief demonstration of how simple RiskManager is, click here.

And getting started couldn't be simpler.

For first time buyer click here; if you want to purchase a renewal licence click here and fill in the simple form.

Please note:

*Chubb recommends on site Fire Risk Assessment consultancies for high risk premises. These include multi occupancy, storing or using > 50 litres of highly flammable liquid, sleeping accommodation premises.

It is your responsibility to enter correct information into the Chubb online risk assessment for the output to be accurate. Chubb Fire & Security Ltd or any of its subsidiaries cannot be held liable for incorrect output from this Chubb online risk assessment if incorrect information has been entered by you.

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